Open House 11.00am – 5.00pm 19th and 20th September 2015

Evening event 5.00-9.00pm 19th September 201

60, Morrab Road, Penzance. TR18 4EP.

Artists will take over an empty Victorian house in Penzance to create work  and hold an exhibition over one weekend in September. The interiors haven’t been touched since the 70’s and many original features remain intact, which we think will create an interesting dialogue and inspiration to produce work for a show.


The working title, Walking Into Memory, picks up on the history held within the house’s fixtures and fittings, the lives once lived here. We wanted to keep the theme quite open to interpretation in order to reflect wider concerns/ideas involving, for example: trace, vestige, remains, remnant, relic, , ghost, memory, evocation, recollection, remembrance, reminiscence.


As a conventional domestic space the house is divided up into rooms, each accessed of a hall, corridor or stairway with many nooks and crannys, providing a variety of opportunities for creating work in situ. Our idea would be to use this as an opportunity for artists to make work that responds to both the themes and space, opening the house up to artists for a short period before building works begin, to produce something unique and transient. Something that at the end of the project will be lost to and add to the memories/history of the house.


We don’t see this as an exhibition in the normal sense, where work is hung as an object ready for sale, it would be more of an opportunity for exploration, stripping away commercialism and allowing artists the freedom to work ‘outside the box’ and do something new.


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